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Apr 16, 2013 6:00am PDT
, concerns about china's economy took things down yesterday and there was some big corporate news and coca-cola reporting some good stuff, disappointing from target but it still looks like a good day. >>> we will smile, say good morning, tuesday april 16th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, time now 6:30 and we are following breaking news. >> it's happening at a paint page substation near san jose and tara moriarty is there and she is on metcalf road, are they making any progress controlling this leak, tara? >> reporter: we can tell sheriff's deputies have a very wide area cordoned off, we are on monterey and if you pan over to the left you can see across the highway, there are also sheriff's deputies cars set up and we believe the transformer is necessaryeled below the hill and if you pan over to the right you can see a bunch of transformers necessaryeled at the bottom -- nestelled at the bottom of the hill and it could be because a train went by and it was allowed to go through with no problem so we don't believe it is over to the right but we still have to confirm it was official.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1